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Group Classes

We offer four diffrent types of memberships, each one to meet your unique needs. 

Open Gym

We offer an option outside a group class schedule which includes a workout plan tailored to your fitness level.


We offer 90-minute nutrition, mindset, or movement workshops to improve your everyday wellbeing practice. 

Martial Arts

We offer boxing, conditioning, and Kenpo Karate for youth and adults—each program with a specialized focus. 

Nutrition Coaching

We design nutrition plans to meet your short-term and long-term needs; our plans come with three types of coaching.

Persoanl Training

We offer three training plans, each with a range of tools and services a personal trainer provides to meet your goals.

Flexible billing

You have control over your billing cycle: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or in full. We also work with insurance providers that offer gym health benefits to their employees. Schedule a consultation with a member of our team to learn more. 

Trial Week

$25 + tax
(one time payment)
Unlimited Access to Open Gym
Unlimited Access to ALL Class Sessions

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Group classes


$129 + tax
(about $15 per session)
2 Sessions per week
Skill Workshops
Yoga, Boxing, & Martial Arts

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$149 + tax
(about $9 per session)
4 Sessions per week
Skill Workshops
Yoga, Boxing, & Martial Arts

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$169 + tax
(about $7 per session)
6 Sessions per week
Skill Workshops
Yoga, Boxing, Martial Arts

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$189 + tax
(about $6 per session)
Unlimited Access
Open Gym
Skill Workshops
Yoga, Boxing, Martial Arts

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Open gym

Open Gym provides you with options to train outside our class-based structure. While you can access our functional training equipment, we offer three months of complementary tailored workout plans through our Movement Athletics App. These training programs provide accountability and support your fitness goals. We got your back each step of the way.  


$40 + tax
($25 joining fee)
Gym Access
Add-ons available


$65 + tax
($25 joining fee per person)
Gym Access
Add-ons available

Existing Member (add on)

$10 + tax
(no joining fee)
Based on membership type
Add-ons available


Our 90-minute sessions focus on nutrition, mindset, or movement. Regardless of the topic, we provide a master class approach and then allot time to practice. Workshops take place every second Saturday of each month. We aim for these workshops to allow you to improve your everyday well-being practice. 


$20 + tax


(included in all membership types)

Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition coaching takes a comprehensive and individualized approach. We consider your daily habits, workout routine, and nutrition to meet your goals. Each plan provides a different level of support from our nutrition coach based on your needs. 



$125 + tax
Per Month (about $4 per day)
Virtual Onboarding
Personalized Meal Plans
PDF & App access


$175 + tax
Per Month (about $6 per day)
Includes Bronze features
2 Coaching Calls
Community Calls
Stress Management


$225 + tax
Per Month (about $7.25 a day)
Includes Bronze + Silver features
Progress Tracking
2 Check-In Calls
2 Group Classes
Root-cause Healing & Nervous System Regulation

Personal Training 

Regardless of your individual or family needs, personal training meets your individual or family needs. A one-on-one approach with a certified trainer ensures you meet your goals. Each plan offers different levels of support and accountability. 


$300 + tax
Per Month (about $10 per day)
Movement Form Check
Personalized Nutrition Plan
Personalized Training Plan
Progress Tracking
Daily Check-in Form
Bi-Weekly Check Form
Ongoing App Communication


$550 + tax
Per Month (about $18.50 per day)
Includes virtual features
4 Sessions per month
1 Group Class per week
20% off Movement Crush


$800 + tax
Per Month (about $26.50 per day)
Includes virtual and hybrid features
8 Sessions per Month
2 Group Classes per week
Priority Booking
Bi-Weekly Call
20% off Movement Crush