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Our Vision 

Movement Athletics inspires, empowers, and motivates people to reach the strongest and healthiest versions of themselves. We aim to go beyond a commercial gym; we focus on cultivating a strong community that is positive and supportive of its members. 



We believe that fitness should be accessible. When you walk into our gym, it is not like your typical commercial gym. We focus on movement practices known as Calesthetics. This practice includes free weights (barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells), TRX Straps, gymnast rings, and resistance bands. We want our members to replicate natural movements in their everyday lives, work, and recreational activities. 

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our Team 

With 60+ years of combined experience in fitness and adult learning, our team aims to personalize your fitness journey at every stage of the process. It’s our expertise that allows us to help you meet your goals. 

Our no pressure approach to consultations centers dialogue to understand your overall needs and wants, while exploring options to be part of the Movement Athletics Community. We’re here to guide you through regardless if you’re new to the gym or have been training for a while. 

Pedro Torres

Owner & Head Coach 

Ana Nunez

Group Fitness Coach 

Boxing Coach

Personal Trainer

Accountability Coach

Garret vaught

Kenpo Karate Sensei, 1st Degree Black Belt

Self Defense Instructor

Maricruz Torres

Group Fitness Coach

Yoga Instructor

Personal Trainer 

Sergio jara

General Manager 


Our members are central to our community and the livelihood of our gym. For this reason, our member-driven approach informs gym offerings, ways to improve the experience for all members, coordinate member socials, and so much more!  We are currently in the process of launching our inaugural member council, stay tuned!