Time or Distance a factor? OH How we gotta love Technology and how we can Connect even from far away!

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Kids Ninja Camp

A balanced training program for your child that blends Fitness and Games to bring out the Young Athlete growing inside.

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Martial Arts

Kenpo Karate is a blend of Chinese and Japanese fighting style. Here you have the opportunity to earn a black belt, prepare for Sport Competition and Practical self-defense.

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F45 BcX

Ready to get back into the game but need to progressively adapt to our more advanced classes? We have the perfect solution for you! A 45 min Beginners Class that works on Basic Strength Movement, non - Impact Cardio, and Mobility/Joint Health.


S. F. M. (Senior Functional Movement)

Exercise done in a social setting for Elderly 65 and above to improve mobility, agility and function of the body.


Personal Training

Are you looking for the guidance of a professional to achieve your goals? Do you need someone to push you to the next level?

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Pass Based Memberships are changing the way you train.

* Attend to one type of class ONLY

* Attend as many classes (*Look at programs below)

* Ability to cross-train to create a well rounded routine

BootcampX is a blend of Weights, Cardio, Obstacles, everything to make the Ultimate Athlete. 

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(Movement Athletics Strength) Pure Strength Training, NO cardio, Pure gravity, resistance, persistence. 

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Acroyoga is a movement practice that blends the balance and connection of yoga and the fitness of acrobatics. 

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Thai massage is a form of therapeutic touch that uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax the whole body.

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