Maricruz Torres has been physically active since she was a little girl. In Mexico as a little girl running down the beach flipping and harvesting crabs, to climbing Banana Trees where her mother used to wake and walk kilometers to provide for the family.


For many years physical activity was just part of career choices. After becoming a citizen, working towards her GED, and finally working professionally for School District, Self-Employed Business Owner, and settling in as a Marketing Professional for a Major Good company, she returned to intentional physical activity. About 2008 was when she began running 5k, 10k, and finally her 1st Half Marathon. Within 2 years of this she started exploring the world of Yoga and Outdoor Body Weight Strength Training with her son Pedro Torres. By 2013 She ran her 1st Obstacle Course Challenge and was training 4-5 days a week. 


Now, Physical Activity is lifestyle, not by career but by intention. Training 5 Days a week at Movement Athletics, leading classes 1-2 times a week, and going outdoors on the weekends for hikes, tending to her garden, or one of many home projects that includes raising Cage Free Chickens, Walking the Dogs, or joining her Fitness Family for some type of a physical challenge or nature outlet. Come and join Maricruz for one of her training sessions usually in the early morning classes at Movement Athletics. A strong believer in Nurturing our Mind, Bodies, and most importantly our Soul - Maricruz is surely a strong women to help anyone reach their goals!