You don't know them, until you Fight them. Relationships, business, family, and fitness.

Jan 16, 2018

An Chinese proverb I read stated "You don't truly know somoene, until youv fight them."
This goes for the people you becomes friends with, people you've known all your life, business partners, even complete strangers. Let's take it one step further...OURSELVES!
I encourage you to have disagreements. They are healthy when we react to them in a way for all to grow. To always go with the flow, or with other peoples wishes without you PiPing UP and saying something, is to committ a slow, deadly suicide of the soul. When we express our wants and desires, we open up the door ways to opportunity. Opporunity to AGREE to DISAGREE, and LEARN about eachother at a deeper level.
When we learn to say No, Why, How Can We, Do you think we many ideas and realizations come to life.
Often times, people accept terms, offers, or how they are treated by others. They don't say anything out of fear of a fight, a disagreement, or being told publicly or privately that their thinking is wrong. They begin to build this inner resentment towards a person, community, or group of people,...OR SO THEY BELIEVE. Truth is,...this Resentment is being DIRECTED INWARDLY, with the FACES or NAMES of those people or groups the situation is related to. And this person has difficulty with realizing where the real problem lies and they murky the waters of thought.
When we EXPRESS our desires or Wishes against something or someone, we practice,...THE FIGHT.
THE FIGHT doesn't have to mean fists, elbows, wrestling, chokcing and biting to submission or death. The Fight can be words, business negotion, negotiating at home with kids, husband about house jobs. The Fight,...can be looked at as a Negotiaion between Ones Self, or One with someone else, or a group. Exercising assertiveness. This is a liberating action, to practice expression of the Mind, Soul, leading to connection with the Physical Body.
Theres so much more to this topic...but I leave you with this thought.
It is true, we can't take back words once they leave the lips...what is also True,..A thought, expression or firm belief Never Shared, can create a poison within that one can never purge free. This is important to ponder from scenario to we must weigh the importance...of the fight!
PS...if you lose the fight...just kiss a goat.