The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness pt 3 Final

Apr 21, 2019

 by Pedro Torres

Greetings, from my travels in Chengdu China!

I bring to you the final of a 3 part series giving a breif summary and personal understanding from the book "The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness" part 3. Here we'll wrap up Chapters 17-22 for you. In this book we find many aspects that complete the 'Whole' picture of Wellness. Many aspects which Fitness doesn't cover when considering a persons state of health. The author, motivated by imminent death by Lung Cancer, went all out in his quest to live his last days to the fullest and healthiest way he could learn. In doing so he overcame and conquered cancer for the 2nd time in his life. There must be something, least 1 thing true here for someone to have done so and worth taking this read.


Chapter 17 The Law of Purpose Through Service - "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a moan of Value." Albert Einstein

There are many ways to serve, and we all have special skills some natural others cultivated in which we can lift the human experience. From volunteer work, charity, even down to making a simple phone call and wishing somebody well - elevating their spirit and being aware that someone cares. It is important that when we do Serve it is from the heart with no desire of gratitude or compensation, for this can create negative feelings towards others and the thought of service. By serving others we are in turn serving ourselves, for the person or community that benefits from our freely given love is nurtured and improves, meaning a part of this Earth has recieved blessing and improved, which means the energies and environment you dwell in, has changed for the better. Win/Win. Giving is Recieving.

Chapter 18 The Law of Stewardship - If you want hapiness for a lifetime -- help the next generation. Chinese Proverb

Simply put, leave every place, person, or thing in better condition than when you first came into contact with it/them. For people, from educating, sharing personal experience with moral value learned, or being kind to them as to elevate their spirit. For places, being mindful of our environment, remembering that we humans share it with the animals of the Earth, plants, and our future children to come. Do our part to leave the smallest possible carbon foot print. Plant a few trees, pick up litter, partake in recycling projects at home and community. If all humans did this,..our planet would be on another level of beauty and it would in turn take care of us.

Chapter 19 The Law of Forgiveness - "Forgiveness restores our hearts to the innocence that we knew - an innocence that allowed us the freedom to love." Robin Casarjian

Our pardoning of something we percieved someone did to us. It is what will allow us to stop living in the past and be present. It will heal relationships, and release us of the chains that keep us from having healthy relationships with others but most importantly with ourselves. Releasing anger harbored in the mind that creates toxicity within the heart is a sure way to cultivate a more emotionally balanced self. How to do this you must discover yourself. From writing or verbally letting somebody know, to praying or medidating on the thoughts. To know that you have achieved forgiveness you will hear the name, see the person, and not feel agitated or a hint of fact you may have feel compassionate towards them, possibly even sorry for having held such resentment towards them. I don't know...what I do know is forgiveness is freedom. Spiritual beings are meant to be free. Figure out how to do it for yourself and experience the new life that awaits you.

Chapter 20 The Law of Gratitude - "Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It's the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul." Amy Collette

One of the poorest habits and detriments to health is ingratitude. Lack of thankfullness and appreciation for blessings and kindness recieved. Subtly creating a toxic environment which our heart pumps this blood through our veins, this attitude of ingratitude makes our days go from bad to shit worse. There is always something to be grateful for if we only take a moment to reflect. From being thankful for having food, shelter, water, to being thankful for the universe having taken care of our family or friends. Lately that has been one of my main practices...being grateful that my parents, clients, family, and community is being taken care of by the universe. When I experienced my injury a few weeks back, I had to pull myself out of pity by thinking..."Ah, you have your eye sight, you can taste, smell, feel, and still walk. You are not starving. You have your sanity. You still have your life, be grateful instead of going through self pity." 

There is always gratitude opportunities, even if being grateful for others who maybe are not being grateful themselves.  Being in the state of gratitude cultivates healing properties within our physiology, don't doubt the power of this enlightening attribute/action/emotion that is leads to abundant wealth of health. As stated in the text, Affirm the good things in your life and wathc them expand.


Chapter 21 The Law of Personal Peace - "Without inner peace, it is impossible to have world peace." The Dalai Lama

I've recognized for sometime now the conflict(s) within myself. The times I felt guilty, angry over some of my past decisions, the resentment towards my emotional or physical weaknesses. My lack in achieving previous aspirations, or going to slow on current ones.

Personal peace is the knowledge that all is well, and understanding god/universe has everything under control - or going as it should for a reason possibly beyond our current understanding. 

It is important we recognize forgiveness of ourself or others helps with this personal peace. Also with knowing that if we do or work on the things we have absolute control over, and let go of those things which we cannot, we can come to peace with current state of being - creating a peaceful aura of energy that becomes a welcoming vibe for those around us. 

Chapter 22 The Law of Unconditional Loving - "...and the greatest of these is love." Saint Paul

Unconditional, nonjudgmental loving. This is our aim, life's single highest and most rewarding pursuit. 

This is one of the most difficult but rewarding of laws. It is this law that fuels all previous mentioned laws. Affection without an limitations, can be described as a state of mind in which one has the hoal of increasing the welfare of another, despite any evidence of benefit for oneself. 

In my personal experience, I've not experienced this the way a parent does for their child. The closest thing to this has been the love for my father, mother, and sisters. I believe that learning to act in such ways we begin to learn how to heal the world. It takes an sincere attempt to attain such a way of being to apply this in our life as a whole. Many of us will live an entire lifetime possibly never experiencing this, or having inconsistent periods of the expression. What matters is that we are aware of it, and without even the few who do practice is, and the many who are working towards being it, our planet would be in complete chaos and we would of killed ourselves off long ago. 

Love makes the world go 'round. Just do it.

Thank you Mr Greg Anderson for publishing such a nurturing and simple book to read. It will surely be a part of the library I suggest to my clients, students, friends, and family to read. 

Hope you've learned or been inspired to learn more in depth on the topics presented. May they be a part of your Journey in wellness living. 


Until the next blog,