Staff Highlight

Feb 5, 2024

 by Sergio Jara Arroyos
  1. Fun fact about me. I absolutely love to dance! I love all sorts of music! Especially music I can dance to. Any time I do anything I listen to music and no matter what I throw in a little dance
  2. What has brought me the most joy this year is my first son! My second child has brought so much happiness to my life and my family. I just can’t express how happy his little smile makes me feel.
  3. One of my favorite hobbies is growing my own food!! I’ve learned to garden the past 2 years. I enjoy the process of preparing my garden every year and learning new strategies on how to improve the growth and productivity of my garden. 
  4. I very much enjoy being a part of movement athletics because of the wonderful positive strong community. Everyone is so friendly and supportive to each other during class and outside of the gym.
  5. My goal for 2023 was to have a healthy delivery and baby. I'm so blessed to have achieved both! My new goal for 2024 is to get in better shape than before my pregnancy and rank in belts for Jiu Jitsu! I would like my blue or purple belt for this new year!