Spring Adventure & Movement

Feb 27, 2024

 by Pedro Torres

Saludos to you my friends, I know you have been looking forward to another newsletter from us, let’s go! MARCH is upon us, you know what that means…SUNSHINE & Outdoor Adventures are near! 


Did you know our Fit-Fam gets together for the following outdoor activities: Hiking, Fishing, Gardening, Camping, Motorcycle Cruises, Paddleboarding, Longboarding, and INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL? 

In our Coaching Model, the 7 Forms of Wealth, we include: Physical Fitness, Mindset, Love, Family/Relationships, Professional, Mindset AND ADVENTURE! I wanted to Hi - Light ADVENTURE.

  • When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  • When did you last do something ‘SCARY’ or down right Challenging and left a PERMANENT memory?

Well, I invite you to talk with members in the community who do some of the activities mentioned above! Plan a trip out of the country, maybe to a place where you go on a Hike for a VIEW, Sign Up for a Physical Event that will DEMAND you step up your Nutrition & Training to safely participate and cross the finish line! 

If you are looking to make one or some of these things happen, reach out to me, I am happy to connect you or personally guide you through the steps needed to INCREASE the ADVENTURE in your life. 

Let’s get excited about something scary FUN!