Our Fit-Fam Community Leaders

Feb 5, 2024

 by Pedro Torres

Our Fit-Fam Community Leaders do our best to give you the Experience Values we live for within ‘Athletics’. 

  • To Achieve, you gotta believe, and celebrate with your inner circle enthusiastically. 
  • Trust in your ability to learn new habits. 
  • Be Humble enough to recognize wisdom from the young & old who dedicate their life to a career in Health. 
  • Love yourself first, refine how you define what loving yourself in daily action looks like. 
  • Evolve, as nature does with seasons and time. Physical & Mental evolvement is inevitable.
  • Be Teachable, the ‘White Belt’ mentality keeps the mind open, enthusiastic, and young.
  • Intention, there is a Conscious effort to do everything with Purpose.
  • Culture, unique, tribe like, fostering friendly competitive energy, & family atmosphere. 
  • Safety conscious, ethical, in what we do.