Member Spotlight: Pam Janhke

Apr 5, 2024

 by Ana Nunez

What is a fun fact about me? 

I absolutely love hot air balloons. I have been to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival twice, numerous times to the one in Walla Walla and of course the one in Prosser too. The one in Prosser, I was a crew on the Spirit of Walla Walla for 3 years, and got the privilege of getting to go up in it. My walls at work are covered in hot air balloon pictures, and the first tattoo that I got was of a hot air balloon. 


What has brought you joy recently? 

What has brought me joy most recently is not only the birth of my 13th grandchild, but also the birth of my first great grandchild.


What is one of my hobbies? (outside of working out) 

This one was a hard one to choose between a few of my hobbies, but the one that brings a lot of joy is sturgeon fishing. The thrill of hooking into a 4 footer or bigger, fighting the fish, watching them come up and jump out of the water. What an experience that is.  


What goal do I have for myself in 2024?  

Main goal is to take care of myself and be ready to retire within a year.


Why do I continue to be a member at Movement Athletics? 

There are a lot of reasons as to why. The surrounding, the people that I interact with. The feeling of family, the encouragement that I receive from not only the trainers, but all of the others. The friendships that I have made and continue to make. Knowing that it’s not all about the gym, that it’s about making a better place for our families and community.