Injury and Inspiration

Mar 26, 2019

 by Pedro Torres

It was a week ago today I experience a major set-back in my training. 


It was during a School Competition held twice a just so happens to of landed 8 days after my arrival. I was running in the 100 Meter competition for the 3rd/4th/5th place standing. We were a total of 18 competitors in my grouping. It was a "Rookie" Mistake. Already racing with Cold symptoms and malnourished I put myself at odds.


Going into a Spring without a warm-up at the age of 34 is stupid. With the crowd chanting for the underdog wearing my Superman Shirt, heald back by my Worlds Tougest Mudder headband, could hear my closest competition making progress on me and I pushed the pedal to the metal..5 strides later a Felt and Heard a POP in the back of my left leg.



Worse; were the emotions and thoughts that immediately took hold of me. I'm only 1 week into 11 weeks of progress opportunity. I've had a similar injury before that took me weeks to recover 4 years ago when I first achieved my splits...and immediately lost them. How? I was excited and celebrating, creating contractions and relaxations without focus during a maximal effort position. All I could think about was the limitations this would create and feelings of a lost investment in my education and experience. 

I visualized Derek Redmond's Olympic Run at Barcelona in 1992,..I didn't finish the race like he did. I limped off into the cafeteria where Shifu Chow poured cold water on the back of my leg. I thought to myself "Where was the determination Derek had? I always encourage my athletes to go beyond their beliefs where is my talk now?!" The rest of the afternoon is a haze...I don't remember much now. I only remember the despair I felt...the tears I angrily grimmaced through as I watched my classmates continue their training this day.


I came out at the end of the day with a 1st place finish in 1 minute Jump Rope Max, 3rd Place in the 1200 Meter Run, and unable to finish the 1600 Meter Relay, 100 Meter Sprint or 200 Meter Sprint. At least I got those wins...but at what cost?


Alas, this was but an opportunity to slow down, read more, listen to educational podcasts and youtube. Pracice Tai Chi & Qi Gong. Become mindful, and attempt a different rehabilitation approach than before.


Using Infrared Light, Heat, Strengthening exercises and Chinese Massage Therapy. rest rest. 


I am now at 1 week after the Level 1 borderline Level 2 Hamstring Pull, and today I was able to run a mile without pain in the hamstring. Just 3 days I couldn't run 100 meters. I'm almost touching the floor again with my finger tips (flat plams flat back with easy before). I can almost kick with power and full extension. It is exciting to know within a week or two I can keep up with these 18 to mid 20 year olds again. My approach to this injury is different, and to be in a body 4 years older than the last injury yet experiencing healing 10 times faster is remarkable. I also applied the power of Affirmations and Discussion with my mind to allow the healing process. Nobody likes to talk about the Placebo effect in terms of Human Healing of the Self with our Brain. My experience is a testament to this, as is those who have done far greater Self Healings in much more dire situations.


ONLY experience and a great Shifu to remind me to be slow in the beginning phases can do this. It is my belief that these techniques can be applied to the High School Athletes I coach to get them off the bench and back in action, and just as importantly my adult athletes who above age 30 and love to keep training with intelligent approach. 


Remember my friends, Honor your body and the stage of life it is in. Be humble and couragous. Don't let doubt consume you. Yes take a moment to experience the emotions, but DO NOT STAY THERE LONG. The longer you stay there the deeper the grooves in the mind are created like a record player. Let the track play once, observe, and move on to the next song.


Onward to the next chapter of this story.


Long live the Strong, Enduring, Determined.

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