Holiday Recovery Essential to Crush New Year Goals!

Jan 3, 2018

 by Pedro Torres
Yesterday was the first time I stepped foot back in my gym after a 2 week Vacation to Mexico. It was a glorious adventure filled with family, exploration, food, light daily exercise, and plenty of time to recover and reflect on 2017, and look into the future of 2018.
Starting out our Fitness Journey, OR Continuing one we have committed to is not an easy task. The CUT and DRY truth, is there is A LOT of work. From changing eating habits, to adding the exercise element, reorganizing schedule, and
making small sacrifices to afford the accountability and excellent guidance from a Health Fitness Professional.
The main topic of this write up, is the significance or Recovery and the different Faces it Has. As a Multi - Business Owner, the last 7 years of my life have had some of the greatest lessons learned. Some from PURE observation, MANY from Experience.
I own a Gym in the Heart of Downtown Pasco, PUN intend, it's a Hidden GEM of a Gym, tucked away in the back of a Building almost a Century Old (1921). This Rocky Balboa-like place has been my 2nd home, If I were speaking in terms of time spent, no doubt REAL 1st home!
I love the place, its drawn my blood, sweat, and tears, along with many others in the pursuit of happiness, many achieving and superseding what they ever believed possible...and the PAIN STAKING truth, many more who quit TOO EARLY to see the Mindset and Physical aspect come together and be accomplished.
Having a balance of Work, Home Life, and PERSONAL time are essential to our success in our Fit-Movement journey. *I COIN this term Fit-Movement, because a Movement is represented DUALLY by PHYSICAL NATURE of us humans, and to Represent a Like Minded Group of Individuals who want to Grow in all dimensions, Mind, Body, and Soul, with the BODY being the Common Interest that has brought us together, as the Vessel to reaching and harnessing the essence of our Mind and SOUL.
Remember, RECOVERY can be:
STAYCATION locally, where you CUT all emails or work related communications for a set period, and pamper yourself to Massage, Chiropractic Adjustment, Local Yoga, OR AT HOME pampering of your choice! I'd recommend something that is going to bring peace and relaxation to both mind and body. BUT if you are in a world of SLOW and QUIET and its driving you nuts and need change...something INTENSE to provide the Polar Opposite of what you may receive TOO much of. This one is for Librarians out there...I once worked in a Library - they need excitement vs relaxation from time to time!
Vacation - Short Weekend, OR Extended if you own a business that takes A LOT of your time and you need the extra time away. DO IT. If your heart is sending Short, Direct Whispers of the desire to Nike says...JUST DO IT. If may add a bit more PERSONAL Experience of Advice...JUST DO IT WITH LOVED ONES Involved.
I did this recently to the country of Mexico, with my mothers Mom, my Abuela Cruz. Bravely taking on Diabetes at the age of 89. 14 days of Travel, 7 of those days my sister and I made sure she was receiving her Insulin, which she ONLY takes if someone administers it,..she hates the stuff and swears the Doctor gave her diabetes...US health pros know that is partially genetic, EVEN MORE Lifestyle Influenced generally speaking. It was on this trip that I connected with someone I know there is not much time left to spend. My grandmother. I was able to care for her and have fun with her with my sister, wise, beautiful, creative, and fun as fv<k! Of course, my mom arrived a few days later, and now some of the most influential women of my life were with me.
This time I invested was the best Money and Time Spent in a long time, something my heart was singing with joy. I met family from all sorts of business and work backgrounds, heard stories, and was RECHARGED by the experience in a way I can't describe. And a battery, a heart, a mind that was reaching a breaking point in the last year has risen anew.
BUT you don't have to take 2 weeks off. OR rally family to go 3000 MILES away, AND certainly don't want to wait every 2 years to do anything GREAT or SMALL of this nature.
Once a Month for a few Hours, or a DAY.
Once a Quarter or every 3 months for an Entire Weekend.
MAYBE once a Year for a whole week...
Little or no work.
SUPER light Exercises to let your aching body recover.
Read a book on a topic of Personal Growth.
Spend QUALITY uninterrupted time with family.
If you've pent up emotions, CRY. SCREAM. DON'T REPRESS. LET THE ENERGY OUT. I Helps.
Don't underestimate a Solid Night Sleep, or the Power of MIDDAY Naps if you find yourself falling short of recommended 7-8 hours of sleep (Especially for those who EXERCISE for WEIGHT LOSS, Advanced Calisthenic or Gymnastic Type Skills, and Athletic Conditioning).
These Recoveries can Rewind, and REMIND you of why you started, and the ultimate IMPACT of your goals for you, and those you love.
Remember why you started, although your goals and purposes may change, there is a reason WHY YOU started, and leaving the work, the goal unfinished, will leave cost you a piece of your soul. Because you will be reminded, somehow and someway, when you look in the mirror.
Recover, Reflect, and Reach for the Sky. 2018 is here, and your time is now. Lets Pump Iron, Run, Crawl, Climb, Kick, Punch, and Roar into the world with action.
1 Love,
Pedro Torres
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