Get paid to play

Jan 19, 2018

Since going Independent as a Coach in the world of Fitness, Movement, and Health, I've had tons of learning curves!
1 thing some of us get lost believing that the things we PERSONALLY love to do, wont find people that we can SHARE our GIFT or Passion!
When I started out, all I know was Weight Training, Obstacle Course Races, and Cardio as ways to help people lose weight, and gain the body of their dreams. Finally...7 years in the industry and 4 years in business things really started clicking!
Started training my Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do, Wrestling, Hapkido) months ago, and with several tournaments competed and one (Pacific Jewele NBL, Quest of Champions, and Cropper Tournament) I've added Kickboxing as a way to get people moving. PEOPLE LOVE IT,..and I GET TO SHARE and TRAIN MORE of what I love to do! And...getting paid to PLAY!
Finally, recently added DANCE back into my life. I was following my dads band and dancing since the age of 5. I didn't have the luxury of dance classes, so I learned how to dance with my Aunts at these dances, and learned to 'Feel' the music - taking it from being a "SERIOUS" practice to a "SINCERE" expression of body movement!
Since adding the SED Latin Dance Movement Classes, my soul has been singing and moving like I felt as a High Schooler! Difference being...a much more mature, experienced youthful vigor. Joy dances in the air, as we now have a more WHOLISTIC approach. Weight Training, Cardio Conditioning, Obstacle Course Training, Martial Arts, Yoga, and Dance are all practiced here. And I love the diversity of the day, the week, and people out of my personal network are buzzing up my email and school site like never before!
IF you want to connect with your community, grow your business, and LOVE the process...GET PAID TO PLAY. You'd be surprised how you can REWRITE what the 'typical' Career is supposed to look like. This is a new era, and I know I'm not the 1st to enter this way of living and loving.
SED Fit-Movement, where the Stong, Enduring, Determined Mind - Body - Spirit is always expanding and growing.
You don't know until you go....