Diversity in your fitness movement

Apr 27, 2018

What if I told you all you could eat was toast. Nothing to add flavor; simply plain, dry toast. Not only would you be sad crying when it came to meal times, you would also be missing out on all sorts of amazing food and the benefits of a well balanced diet! This is what we do to our bodies when we simple put it through a boring fitness routine.
Your body is a versatile instrument that is adaptable to almost any environment that it is put into. Whether you are standing in the middle of desert or on top of a mountain, your body is working with you to survive and thrive. The adaptability can be seen as an obstacle or as an opportunity when it comes to fitness. For those of you who like a routine, the obstacle is challenging ourselves physically in order to develop well rounded muscles. The opportunity that this gives us is the ability to turn your fitness routine into a diverse adventure.
Just like in nutrition, variation in physical activity is important for the overall health of your body. To simply do one type of activity is limiting your muscles. If our bodies are not kept guessing they can plateau in development, meaning you put in that time and sweat with little to show for it. Not only is it good to challenge your body with a variety of different activities, it also keeps your mind engaged. Trying something new keeps us humble; the stumble and the try again attitude demands that we are respectful to ourselves and to others around us.
Why limit yourself to a simple routine when fitness can be found in so many opportunities. At SED Fitness, our community is devoted to making fitness anything but boring. From our Combat fitness class, designed to bring out the inner fighter, to our Salsa class, your body will always be kept guessing and growing. This approach to fitness will expose you to different work out strategies that will teach you something new every class. It’s anything but dry toast. Your body was designed to do amazing things, don’t limit it!
Written by: Leanna Hanika