Coming Up

Apr 5, 2024

 by Pedro Torres

Workshop Nutrition 101: Join us for a 90 Minute Master Workshop: 

  • Identifying what state of metabolism are you in?
  • What types of foods are best for you now?
  • Beginner Approach to establishing Meal Building (PreCursor to ‘Macro Based’ Meal Plans)
  • Saturday March 9th 2024 9:15 - 10:45 AM

Candy Mountain Trail Hike (Prep for Tiger Creek Trail)

  • Saturday March 16th 2024 

Spring into Fitness Challenge

  • Starts: May 13th 
  • Ends: June 21st 
  • Celebration: June 22nd 

Summer Ninja Camp: Our eight-week summer program is a balance of movement and character-building for kids ages 8-11! Our curriculum focuses on endurance, strength, and flexibility to promote building habits for a healthy lifestyle; additionally, we focus on building communication skills, self-esteem, and building friendships!  

  • Starts: Monday, June 12th 
  • Ends: Friday, August 9th 
  • Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
  • Cost: $400 per child; over an eight week program, this comes to about $50 a week ($16.50 per session). 

Note: We offer discounts for families that want to enroll multiple children into our Summer Ninja Camp. Reach out to our team to learn more about these rates.