Collagen, Biotin, & Joint Health & Beauty

Apr 5, 2024

 by Pedro Torres

What is this?

Collagen is the MOST abundant form or protein in our body. Our skin, hair, nails, joints (ligaments, tendons, cartilage) and Organs are made of this.

  • Natural Sources: We cannot get this from steak, chicken breast, it is specifically sourced from the ‘Hide’, Joints, and Organs from these sources: Bovine (cattle) Porcine (Pork) and Marine (Fish). 
  • Ask us about Core Nutritionals Non - Flavored & Flavored Collagen!

Biotin is Vitamin B7, it is a Water Soluble Vitamin, which means we have to take it regularly to feel & see the benefits. Biotin supports the body's ability to Convert PROTEIN, Carbs & Fats into usable form in the body. This supports our body using your ingested Collagen and Proteins in general! NOT only that, but you will have a natural Metabolic Boost & Energy increase as your body will use Carbs & Fats for energy!


Why does it matter?

From our Teens to Mid Twenties we are peaking with our abilities of recycling these proteins which is why we look so good without trying! After 30, we lose elasticity of skin, nails become brittle, hair falls out, and our Joints begin getting noisy & painful. We have to eat foods (Pork Rinds, Chicken Feet, Animal Organs) and if we do not eat like this, we have to supplement.

  • We can Reduce Aches & Pains in our joints within a couple of weeks of beginning Collagen supplementation
  • We can visibly Reduce Depth of Wrinkles in our Skin
  • Less Breaking of Nails
  • Reduce Hair Loss, may even promote hair growth


What are some tips to use in your everyday life?

If you have never used Collagen & Biotin, I challenge you to do Before & After Photos to see yourself what happens to your skin, your hair, & more importantly how your joints hurt less after 7-21 days of using Collagen with Biotin. There is going to be a variation of how quickly results appear, as different people have different Gut Health Levels, impacting absorption.