Chinese Motivation....Jiāyóu! Come On!

Mar 18, 2019

 by Pedro Torres

1 week completed in training. I'm feeling greatly reduced back pain, and ranges of motion I've never had. This should come as no surprise as stretches are done after every conditioning training, after forms, and acrobatics have them integrated as well. 

I've been pushing myself probably 95% of my maximal it seems even holding back a little may of overdone it. I haven't trained 4 hours a day in over 3 months, let alone 6-8 hours we are doing here. Compounded with the change of environment, poor sanitation, it has compromised my immune system and now I'm battling a cold/fever. Not only are my legs and core feeling feelings they never have, but my mind was weaker than ever.
When I would would documentaries of the Concentration Camps I'd ask myself if  "Would of been one of the survivors?" They worked in the worst of conditions, were malnuroushed, saw some of the worst conditions any human could imagine. Those who survived must of been holding on to a reason to survive...its the only THING I can imagine. Just as my mind was on the verge death I heard music to my ears:
Jiāyóu!!!   It means: Come On! or the Equivalent of You Can Do It!

I remembered my purpose, and it was greater than the moments pity party and discomfort of illness. I remembered what others have Endured. I remember I've been through worse. Running Obstacle Course Race with the Flu. Running Worlds Toughest Mudder. Overcoming what I must help others overcome as well: Weak Mindset.
After a personal Spirit Uplift from classmates during a conditioning session with the Mantra I weathered the 1st half of the day. I skipped lunch and my classmates gave me Vitamin C, Zinc, Multivitamin, Iburprofen. But my favorite remedy, a garlic clove 2 slices of ginger drizzled in honey that I chewed and swallowed. The most natural approach and with rest tonight I'll be able to train hard again tomorrow.
Remember my friends, your purpose will keep you in the hunt...and when you feel like you can go no more,..whisper or yell: