Personal Training:

With Pedro

1 Session

Per Session
Maybe you aren't sure if this is right for you? Let's do 1 session, if you decide you want to commit to more we can apply this payment towards a bigger package!

4 Sessions

Per Session
Maybe you are already a member here, or a Online Client that wants to have the occasional session to get a clearer picture of you are doing face to face?

8 Sessions

Per Sessions
You probably have a training programing but need guidance filling in a gap?
Perhaps you need Weight Training and consistent sessions to learn and then head out the door to Do It Yourself!

12 Sessions

Per session
OK, when you are committed like this we gotta hook you up!
FREE Personalized Nutrition for 6 Weeks. Yea, we're gonna cover ALL the bases.

16 Sessions

Per Session
All Access Nutrition Coaching is bundled with this package for 3 months.
You are invested in you and we are going to be there every step of the way!

Nutrition Consultation

Per Session
Share what your current lifestyle is like, what your goals are, and I'll listen to everything. We can discuss what may be the best approach (being flexible as needed) to getting your to a Healthy Place.
ATHLETES are no exception to the need of proper nutrition. To have Peak Performance and feel good factor we need to FUEL for PERFORMANCE!
Current Clients may want to discuss in detail specific desired changes to Menu, how to strategize successfully executing your menu.
KETOGENIC Approach, OR INTERMITTENT FASTING Approach Planning and how best approach these methods for an even more specialized nutrition approach.

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