My first reason to begin training was the wrong reason in October 2016. I started to train to be closer to someone and try to share in the experience. A friend once told me that couples that work out together, stay together. Didn’t quite work out that way, to say the least. After a fashion, I showed up for me. I felt better about myself, I had more energy throughout the day, less depressed, more positive. I saw the results of consistent workouts: weight loss, better tone, more muscle, off of my blood pressure and cholesterol meds...the list goes on. Eventually, Obstacle course races were coming up. In 2017, I ran my first Spartan Super in April , Terrain Race in June, Spartan Sprint – Stadium Sprint (first one in our gym that I know of...) in June, Renegade Rage in July, Portland Sprint in August, and finally Spartan Beast in September....In less than a year, quite a few obstacle course races and a Spartan Trifecta! The rush I got after finishing each race left a smile on my face for days. It was a personal victory of sorts, finding myself performing physical and mental acts that over the years I thought I’d never do...ever. 
At the start, I was weighing in at 190+ pounds. Not obese, but could stand to lose a few. At my best, I was down to 157 pounds and gaining muscle. Now I weigh in between 165 and 170. It’s been over a year since I’ve had to take any maintenance medication which not only makes me happy, but makes my doctor happy as well. 
Because of the extra bonuses of consistent workouts, I’ve got the energy to hike more spending time with my kids along with other activities like the trampoline park, working on Renegade Rage during the off season, and the list continues. My inspiration comes from everyone that walks through the door at SED. We’re there to be fit and healthy. We work hard, sweat, swear, and keep moving on. When we’re lying on the floor just before final stretches, feeling the muscles burn from a great workout, most of us get a silly grin on our faces, and my thoughts are always “got it done, more tomorrow!” My only real fear, out of all of it, is getting older. I’ve got psoriatic arthritis, which affects the joints of my body. Not pleasant at times, quite painful at others. Old injuries are more affected than others. As I get older, I know if I slow down too much it will have an adverse effect on how I can function; so I keep truckin along, stopping when needed, and then continue forth. 
My goals are simple: Keep going. Don’t stop. The pain you may feel will pass, the soreness is a result of working hard and pressing on. Your reward is a healthy body and mind.