An Adventurer by nature Mandy thrives to be in the outdoors. From Paddleboarding to Trail running to Skiing, Acro Yoga and Hiking, her feet are happiest in motion except when they land her solidly on her mat. Yoga is the staple that keeps her going and is Mandy’s passion that she willingly and happily shares.  Mandy continues to provide her yoga services in several different places, ranging from yoga studios, corporate offices, the sports arena, clinical setting and groups outdoors. She believes yoga is for everyone and guides her students to listen to the deeper more subtle cues of their bodies to overcome whatever curveball life may have thrown them. She adds laughter, compassion, strength and skillful physical adjustments within her classes in the hope to inspire individuals to reach their greatest potential on and off the mat. In addition to yoga Mandy is a licensed Lifestyle coach, SUP yoga teacher and Nutritionist. Her styles of choice or Ashtanga and Power Vinyassa.  Join her in her element to so where you yourself will be able to go.