I love acroyoga for the opportunities and lessons it provides. Acroyoga is the yoga of connection, trust, and communication. There are three main roles in acroyoga: the base, the flyer, and the spotter. The base lifts the flyer off the ground, while the spotter serves as an extra safety net and alignment coach for the pair.


As a base, one can practice lifting people up, being calm and stable, and being of service. Being a base improves one’s strength, focus, and communication skills. As a flyer, one can practice letting go, trusting, and being supported. Being a flyer improves one’s confidence, balance, and communication skills. As a spotter, one can practice observation, reflection, and analysis.


Being a spotter improves one’s perception of subtleties and hone’s a person’s alertness, responsiveness and coaching skills. All of these skills can be systematically improved, step by step, with an enormously thorough system of postures that will delight beginners and challenge advanced students.